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On September 1, 2016 Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. (CCII) acquired the assets of robot manufacturer Recce Robotics International, Inc. (R2i2)

With the purchase of R2i2’s technology, CCII has added the shape changing Delta Micro and Delta Extreme roboticDelta Extreme TriplePos Tiny Transp CROP systems to the product line, further solidifying its position in the rapidly expanding remote inspection and surveillance markets.   With applications in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), culvert inspection, hazardous area monitoring, security, and a range of other confined space uses, these new crawler systems represent a significant increase in capabilities for the company.

“This acquisition is a major step forward for Crystal Cam,” said Brady Calancie, president and CEO of CCII, “The Recce systems are a great complement to our existing camera line.   Now, not only can we offer some of the world’s most durable industrial camera systems, but we’re also offering adaptable, waterproof crawler systems with a wide range of applications in key industries.”

MicroCrystal Cam Imaging is currently updating its website and promotional materials to reflect the changes and provide detailed information on the new products.   All of the R2i2 employees have joined CCII and are working together to consolidate their processes.  “The integration of the two companies should be fully implemented within the next month,” Mr. Calancie stated. “Meanwhile, our clients will continue to receive the same high-quality products and services that they have come to value and expect.”

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